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Hawaiian Kauai - 1 ea


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Product Description

Grown in the rich, volcanic soil and tropical climate of Hawai'i. A distinctive taste and made in the USA. This not a "blend" with lower grade beans; these individually-wrapped podz contain 100% Arabica coffee from the island of Kauai's Hawai'ian Estate Reserve.

Ingredients: Arabica Coffee. The flavorings contain no sugar, no carbohydrates, and a nutritionally insignificant amount of a calorie (much less than one). While we'd like to say that there are no calories, we wouldn't be completely accurate as all things digestible derive energy from a calorie, no matter how small it may be.

JavaPodz manufacture states they are designed for use in the Hamilton Beach, Senseo, Grindmaster GPOD/OPOD, Black & Decker, Mr. Coffee, Simple Human, Bunn and Melitta One:One. You will need to use the two-pod holder on the Senseo machine.

Typically, use just one JavaPod in the single pod-holder for a full eight-ounce cup; some other brands of pods require two. We often use the pod one more time to make a 4-5 ounce second cup! If your brewer does have a double-pod holder or its regular pod holder can hold two pods, some Customers do still love a super strong cup and use two JavaPodz in the double-pod holder anyway! (All brewer names are trademarks of their respective manufacturers.)

Of course, JavaPodz can be used without a brewer by infusing in a mug by adding hot water, or adding cold water and microwaving.

Used JavaPodz are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. Don't throw used JavaPodz away...provide them a new home in the soil of your garden!


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