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Sumatra Kopi Raya K-Cups - Extra Bold Dark Roast

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Product Description

Earthy and rich with flavor. A spicy tang. Hand picked from the Aceh region. Flavors from around the world at your table!

Wolfgang Puck is excited to offer the public his K-Cup blends, and says, “A really good cup of coffee is truly one of my greatest pleasures.”

Wolfgang Puck Coffee brings estate grown coffee and organic coffees created by chef Wolfgang Puck to market as a licensee of Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc.

Wolfgang Puck Coffee and Keurig - a great combination of convenience and perfection! The keurig brewing system takes all the guess work out of brewing and makes a perfect cup of Wolfgang Puck coffee, every time.

  • Coffees harvested from the world's finest growing regions and roasted in small batches to ensure freshness.
  • Thousands of hotels, offices and foodservice establishments throughout North America currently serve Wolfgang Puck coffee.
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